Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

We haven't had a lot going on lately. Dave took the boys hunting the first weekend in October. I wondered what I'd do for the whole weekend alone. I ended up watching girl movies in a clean house all by myself, going to dinner and shopping with my mom. Well, the boys got snowed out and came home late Saturday night. The weather was so bad they were cooped up in the trailer and Dave taught Spencer how to play checkers. Now, Spence brags about being a checkers expert!

BYU Football is big at our house right now. Dave has Jake and Spencer taking an interest in it now. We are all big Y fans, unless BYU is playing Wyoming. Apparently since we've gone on vacation in WY, Jake and Spencer have a special place in their hearts for Wyoming and got very upset that dad wanted BYU to beat Wyoming!

A few weeks ago we were at my parents house for Erin's b-day party. I cut a piece of cake for Spencer, it was shaped kind of funny and before I could say anything Spencer (who is in 1st grade) said, Hey that looks like Oklahoma! I couldn't believe what a smarty pants he is.

We were talking about what the boys wanted to be for Halloween. Jake's decided on a Star Wars guy, and Spencer wants to be a monkey. Jake said "Mom, what are you going to be for Halloween?", I don't know I said, maybe I'll be a nice mom instead of a mean mom. He thinks about that for a second, then says, Oh, so you'll be a mean mom in a nice mom costume? It's fun to have a couple of Smarty Pants in my house!