Friday, January 22, 2010

"Get out of that bubble!" and other funny things

We've been playing Wii a lot around here. I get a little frustrated (okay, really frustrated), say a few bad words, and decide that it's better that I just watch Dave and the boys play. So while I'm folding laundry I listen to what they say. Here are a few of my favorites: "Spencer if you don't get out of that bubble we're all going to die!" (that one gets repeated a lot, while playing Super Mario). "Oh! There's the monkey with the key!" (that one is during Lego Indiana Jones). "Mom if we can play Mario, I PROMISE I won't be wild!" (we have yet to see that happen). "Dad, I'm going to be the lady, is that okay?" and "Good job Spencer! Now just don't die."

I wish they could go play outside, but you would be suprised at the energy Jake can burn playing Wii, he actually works up a sweat. We've all had a lot of fun, but I can't wait for school to start again, they've been off since Christmas and are bouncing off the walls. Spencer has a hard time getting to sleep. A few nights ago he came into our room and said "Mom, I know it's my imagination, but there are 2 yellow eyes in my room!" I think a little recess is going to be a welcome relief around here come Tuesday.

It's Been a While

I've had some things running through my head for several months I've wanted to blog about, I just haven't been able to get to them. I think Dave's been kind of frustrated with me & just posted for us.

A few months ago I picked Jake & Spencer up. In the car I asked Jake how school was, this is our conversation: Mom: "How was your day?" Jake: "Not good!" (in a grumpy voice) M: "How come?" J: "Because I got interupt?' M: "You got interupted? What were you doing?" J: "I tried to go to sleep and they just interupt me!" M: "You tried to sleep at school, and you got interupted?" J: "Yes! I just close my eyes and they want me to do something!" That's right my kindergartener is already sleeping in class, and he's totally okay with that.

Also a few months ago I had a cute conversation with Spencer. Jake and Spencer had a Sharing Time lesson about tithing. Jake came up to me that night and told me he needed to own money. I asked why and Spencer told me it was to pay tithing. "Oh, that's very important isn't it." Spencer then told me, "Mom, in the olden days there was a man who gave all his oxygen for tithing." Wow that's quite a sacrifice!

We've had a lot of fun times last year. I can't believe how fast time flies and how big these kids are growing. I asked Jake to please just stay little. He just laughs and tells me he has to get big so he can drive a car, but he'll still cuddle with me when he's still big. I guess that's all I can ask for.