Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bingo at the Senior Center

I am lucky to have a spunky little Grandma. She lives in Riverton, so we get to see her a lot. Last weekend she mentioned (several times) the Riverton Senior Center is having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Grandma always comes to our family "stuff" so we thought we ought to go support her "stuff". So Monday night we headed to the Senior Citizen Center for dinner. We were treated to a nice dinner, the RHS Jazz Band and BINGO of course! During the Bingo game Spencer and Grandma had unlucky cards. Spencer asked Grandma if she wanted to trade, Grandma agreed. So the next round guess who had the lucky winner card--Spencer! We laughed and Grandma insisted Spence keep the prize, a camoflauge Ford hat, it probably wouldn't look as good on her! On the way home we all agreed it was the best Family Night we'd had in a long time. This is a picture of Grandma with the kids on Halloween a few years ago.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I give up!

Last week will go down in history as one of the craziest weeks in our parenting lives. It started on a Sunday afternoon, Dave & I hear Spencer in the bedroom yelling "Jake now I don't have my glasses! I'm STUPID BLIND because of my STUPID BROTHER!" (editors note: stupid is a garbage word in our house, we don't think his brother is stupid, but it was kind of funny). So I'm planning on taking Spencer for new glasses on Monday. Sunday at midnight Spencer comes in and wakes me up just in time to hear puking on my carpet! Oh YUCK!! Luckily, (and suprisingly) Dave jumps out of bed like Superman and saves the day while I get Spencer cleaned up. Unfortunately the poor little guy got sick a couple of times throughout the night. Even more unfortunate, poor Dave got sick too! Then Tuesday came and poor little Jake woke up with a fever. He was a little trooper, insisting he's not sick and wanted to go to daycare. I took him to the Insta Care after we took his temperture at 104°! Turns out he had Strep! So I had an instant vacation (hooray?). Anyway this fun week ended with Spencer putting holes in his door (anyone know how to fix that?), Spencer loosing the cap on one of his teeth (Mom look! I lost one of my silver teeth!), and Jake trying to strangle Spencer by wrapping his hands around his neck and squeezing as hard as a 5 year old can (Yes, actually Spencer does have bruises--fantastic). All this excitement we need another vacation!