Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silly Boys

Today Grandma C told me a funny story about Jake. She picked them up from the babysitter and the first thing they told her is Noah kicked Jake. Grandma said, "Well, did you tell Kelly?" Jake said, "No, I took care of it, Noah is Kung Fu Panda, but I know karate". Oh dear! I'm a little worried now!

For some reason, Spencer is really worried about how he looks in his glasses. He keeps asking me if he looks cute. Monday night he got in his jammies and asked me again (for like the 27th time) if he looks cute. I told him that he did, then he asked if I wanted to take his picture. I kind of laughed and said "Yeah I'll take your picture, go lay down for bed and I'll finish up and come take your picture." So while I'm finishing up in the kitchen I hear Spencer telling Dave in the bedroom, "I can't go to sleep, Mom wants to take my picture!"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Talkin' Trash

Jake is in the ZONE! We're bowling on the Wii tonight. We all started off a little rough, but then Jake started getting a running start from the kitchen to the family room and then lettin' his ball fly! He started to get the spares and then he started to get strikes. Dave was getting a little frustrated with the whole process, and started getting after Jake. That's when the talkin' began. Jake pulled ahead of Dave, and then turns to him and said-"That's what you get for makin' pun (fun) a me!" Turns out he won that game. Not to be beat by a 4 year old, Dave challenges him to another round. And the trash kept comin' - "take that" after 4 strikes in a row. Jake took the second game in a score of 204-193. Good job Jake!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Glasses

In October we got a note from school, Spencer failed the eye test. About that time we also noticed him squinting a lot. Anyway we went to the eye doctor last week and found out poor Spencer has -300 vision! We were so surprised, we had no idea he couldn't see very much. So we headed over to Super Target for some glasses (and another eye exam - I know I'm a worrier, but really -300!). Spencer picked out these cool blue frames all by himself. He's been really excited to get them, and luckily they came in time for him to go SEE the Walking with Dinosaurs show on Saturday. He's got a whole new perspective on the world now, he can read signs, watch tv and just plain see a lot better now!

Christmas, I almost forgot!

Oh yeah, Christmas! We had really fun Christmas, except we actually have no proof that it happened - we forgot to take pictures! Thank heavens for Dave and the video camera though, we at least have that. Spencer only wanted Gorilla Mountain from Santa. After a shopping trip, I told him, "Dad & I looked at the toy store and we didn't see any Gorilla Mountains, what if Santa can't find one?" He gave me an "are you for real" look and said "Mom, if he can't buy one, his elves will just make one." Hellllooo, DUHHH!!! Jake just wanted a Pirate ship, mom wanted a sewing machine and dad wanted BYU to win the Las Vegas Bowl (oh well, 3 out of 4 still isn't bad!!!). Well everyone got what they wanted, except Dave, who got a BYU hat instead, and we had a nice cozy White Christmas, I did get a picture of that.