Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas, I almost forgot!

Oh yeah, Christmas! We had really fun Christmas, except we actually have no proof that it happened - we forgot to take pictures! Thank heavens for Dave and the video camera though, we at least have that. Spencer only wanted Gorilla Mountain from Santa. After a shopping trip, I told him, "Dad & I looked at the toy store and we didn't see any Gorilla Mountains, what if Santa can't find one?" He gave me an "are you for real" look and said "Mom, if he can't buy one, his elves will just make one." Hellllooo, DUHHH!!! Jake just wanted a Pirate ship, mom wanted a sewing machine and dad wanted BYU to win the Las Vegas Bowl (oh well, 3 out of 4 still isn't bad!!!). Well everyone got what they wanted, except Dave, who got a BYU hat instead, and we had a nice cozy White Christmas, I did get a picture of that.

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