Sunday, January 18, 2009

Talkin' Trash

Jake is in the ZONE! We're bowling on the Wii tonight. We all started off a little rough, but then Jake started getting a running start from the kitchen to the family room and then lettin' his ball fly! He started to get the spares and then he started to get strikes. Dave was getting a little frustrated with the whole process, and started getting after Jake. That's when the talkin' began. Jake pulled ahead of Dave, and then turns to him and said-"That's what you get for makin' pun (fun) a me!" Turns out he won that game. Not to be beat by a 4 year old, Dave challenges him to another round. And the trash kept comin' - "take that" after 4 strikes in a row. Jake took the second game in a score of 204-193. Good job Jake!

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