Friday, January 7, 2011

WOW! What a year!

I can't belive that it has almost been a year since we last posted on here. We had many things happen in 2010. We had Spencer turning 8 and getting baptized in April. Jake turned six in May and made it into first grade. Spencer started third grade and continued to inform us about every animal and dinosaur to ever walk on this planet. We love his desire to learn. Jake loves music. Jake loves music. Jake loves music! He also likes to play Wii. He is so fun to watch as he is dancing and singing.
In September I went to watch BYU play Air Force in Colorado Springs and went to my first major league baseball game. The Rockies won the game and we enjoyed walking around the stadium. It was fun to spend some time with Ray, Karl, and Justin.(Even if BYU lost the game.)

We had fun going fishing with Grandpa Coleman and Aunt Bonnie this fall.

According to Spencer and Jake we had "THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!" this year.
Santa did a great job on the gifts this year and it was also great to be able to talk to the boys and have them truly understand the real reason for Christmas.
Another year has gone and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I hope that this next year is one filled with many things to make memories from.