Thursday, June 4, 2009


This morning on the way to school I heard an interesting conversation in the backseat. Spencer told Jake very matter of factly that boy pee is good for the grass. As I cringe, I turn around and say What? Where did you hear that? Spencer said, "I think Justin told me". (Justin is my 11 year old nephew.) Well I guess I know why their lawn is so green!

We got Jake and Spencer Nintendo DS's for their birthdays. Jake will not put his down, I think he'd sleep with it if he could. So Dave & I picked Jake up from our babysitter's house and the first thing he askes for is his DS. I said, "No, we just want to talk to you for a minute, how was your day?" "Fine," he replies and tells a story about Michael and building a fort in the backyard. As soon as his story is finished he asks again for his DS. "C'mon Jake, we just want to talk to you for a minute!" I get an "Oh puhlease Mom!" look and he says, "Well that is all I have to say, can I please have my DS now!"

Our kids have nicknames. Spencer is "Pencer Pie". Jake's are "Jake the Snake", "Jakey Bug" and my favorite, "Cupcake". One morning Jake needed to clean his room and asked for help. I told him if he started I would help him after I finished making my bed. He replied back to me, "Well if you don't help me I won't be your Cupcake any more!"

I love to listen to the boys play together. One day Jake and Spencer are playing animals in Spencer's room. Spencer's getting a little bossy and is telling Jake he has to do something with the giraffe. Jake asks "WHY?" Spencer simply tells him, "Because I'm my Mom's oldest son, and you have to do what I say." Apparently that's good enough for Jake, who just replies "Okay."

Upon realizing the Jake is no longer a little boy, I asked him to please stop getting so old. "Mom, I just want to be old enough to drive a car!" Oh good, that's what I'm afraid of!

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